Getting your child started and our Admissions policy

It is essential that the child/children visit the nursery with their parents/carers prior to starting. This is to enable the child to familiarise him/herself with the nursery and staff.

We welcome all carers and children from all cultures, ethnic, religious and social groups including differing needs.

At the interview the parent and child will be shown around the building, introduced to staff and have day-to-day activities explained. Parents will be given relevant paperwork, including the record of information. It is hoped that the family will take this opportunity to share any concerns about their child's development.

The availability of a place is subject to the length of the waiting list within the nursery; baby unit, toddlers programme, Nursery school programme, wrap around care. Before, after school programme and holiday care.

We will be flexible, if possible, on sessional attendance to accommodate the needs of the individual children and their families, and make places available for siblings wishing to attend the nursery.

All our policy documents can be made available on request at the pre admission interview (equal opportunities, special needs, disability etc.).

Children may be refused a place on the grounds of;
a) Registration restraints including adult/child ratios.
b) Inability to meet the needs of the child or parent, and investigate/support other options.
c) lf it is unsettling for a child to attend on a drop in basis.
d) The length of time a parent requests their child attends is not in the child's best interest.

When your child has their first day we ask that you bring their comforter if they have one. You will be greeted by a senior member of staff who will be caring for your child for the day. We advocate honesty at all time, we do not encourage leaving without saying goodbye when they are playing, nor would we say you'll be back in a few minutes. To gain the full potential and enjoyment from our nursery, the child needs to be able to relax and have full trust in the adults around them. Therefore we actively encourage parents to say goodbye with a hug and a kiss and then leave. Parents can telephone the nursery after 30 minutes to ensure their child is settling in. We will ring the parent/carer if after that time we feel that it would be in the child's best interest to stay for a shorter time that day.

Communication with parents is essential; we all aim for a happy, confident and settled child.

Registration forms

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Please contact Penny or Susan to arrange an interview or to discuss access to free places.
Tel: 01394 276005 or
Email: penny.conway OR susan.spaulding