Babies & toddlers

In the baby unit we provide individual books for each child, this allows the parents to pass on daily information to the staff and for the staff to record a child's daily routine and activities, this also allows continuity of care.

We have a general routine for the day, however the 'needs' of babies change and alter as they grow and develop. With parental requests in mind we endeavour to be flexible to meet these 'needs' as they grow and change.

During the day we offer:

Snack and meal times Creative play Role-play, pretend and imagination
Songs, music and story time Outdoor time Quiet time and sleep and cosy corner
Sand and water play Hugs and cuddles Noisy play, musical instruments, singing
Art room time, messy play Large physical play Crayons and drawing
Painting, printing and playdough   Projects and other adult led activities