About Us

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Penny Conway & Susan Spaulding

We are a privately owned nursery and maintain the highest of childcare standards which include the National Guidelines. We are also registered with OFSTED.

After gaining many years experience and training in the childcare field, we opened our first nursery in 1980. Our nursery is located in Felixstowe town centre.


Aims and Philosophies
We provide a safe and secure premises where we and our staff can promote a kind and loving atmosphere. It is important for children to feel happy and comfortable in their surroundings, only then will they feel confident to learn and open to the learning experience. Children develop at different rates and at their own pace and we value this.

Each child is treated as an individual with their own personality. We encourage the children to develop independence, but we also value teamwork, sharing and discipline. The early years are spent 'learning by doing'. A fun time for growing and developing. This is achieved with praise and encouragement from our highly motivated and committed team of staff.

The Principles which guide the work of all early years' practitioners

Every child is a Unique Child who is constantly learning and can be resilient, capable, confident and self-assured.

Children leam to be strong and independent through positive relationships.

Children learn and develop well in enabling environments, in which their experiences respond to their individual needs and there is a strong partnership between practitioners and parents/carers.

Children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates. The framework covers the education and care of all chilcren in early years provision, including children with educational needs and disabilities.

Staff and training

Our staff are always eager to talk to parents about their children, their progress and their achievements. They appreciate the vital link that parents form between nursery and home, and they work tirelessly to foster this relationship.

All our staff are vetted according to our Polilcy guidelines, this includes an Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

Although staff come to us with a myriad of invaluable experience and training, all staff undergo further training including 'Behavioural Management', 'Safeguarding Children' and 'Paediatric First Aid'. We also run our own in-house training with special attention to our policies and statements.

Children in the nursery are assigned a keyworker. This person ensures the child and family become familiar with the setting and build a relationship that will help the child settle. The key person can then look at the child's development and progression through the early years foundation stage. With ongoing observations, assessments and planning their next steps the key worker in partnership with parents and child can build a Learning Journey that they take with them into school.

Healthy Eating

The Food Standards Agency inspection details can be found here...

All of our snacks and meals are cooked from fresh and we endeavour to offer nutritionally balanced healthy meals, whilst catering for any children with allergies, dietary requirements, lifestyle choices and specific parental requests.

Sample Menu

AM snack: crackers and jam or marmite, fresh fruit and milk
Main course: tuna pasta bake with sweetcorn & carrots
Vegetarian option: courgette pasta bake as above
Dessert: peach crumble
PM snack: rock cakes, fresh fruit, juice

AM snack: digestives with lemon icing, fresh fruit and milk
Main course: chicken curry with rice and naan bread, cauliflower & greenbeans
Vegetarian option: vegetable curry as above
Dessert: strawberry Angel delight crunch
PM snack: orange cup cakes, fresh fruit, juice

AM snack: eggy bread, fresh fruit, milk
Main course: sweet peppers & courgettes in a Mediterranean risotto with leeks & parsnips
Vegetarian option: as above
Dessert: mixed fruit pieces & yoghurt
PM snack: vegetable sticks and savoury dip, fresh fruit, juice

AM snack: coffee slab cake, fresh fruit, milk
Main course: beef lasagne and garlic bread with peas & coleslaw
Vegetarian option: mushroom lasagne as above
Dessert: jam tarts
PM snack: oaty cookies, fresh fruit, juice

AM snack: pizza swirls, fresh fruit, milk
Main course: sausage casserole with mushrooms & mixed vegetables
Vegetarian option: Linda McCartney sausages as above as above
Dessert: lemon squares
PM snack: cheese scones, fresh fruit, juice