2 year olds

Some funding is available from Suffolk County Council for 2 year olds. Please speak to Penny or Susan to see if you meet the qualifying crieteria.

Children and parents greet the caregiver, children can kiss and hug parents and say goodbye then can wave out of the window to parents.

Once settled children have freedom of choice to choose activities from the shelves, and are encouraged to put it away when finished.

During the morning and afternoon the children move between the art room, reception room and garden with different activities and resources available to use.

At lunchtime children sit around the table with carers who serve lunch and eat with them at the table to create a homely atmosphere.

We encourage good hygiene through hand washing and actively promote good table manners.

During the day we get together to read stories, sing songs and play group games.

We encourage parents to look at the display boards for their children's work including arts and crafts. Special topics and outstanding activities are brought to the parents/carers attention. We have a daily diary which gives parents a general overview of the daily activities including the lunch menu.

During their second year we aim to review a child's development in the 3 prime areas of the EYFS, this is called the 2 year progress check. This helps us to understand the needs of the child and ensure that you, the parents, have a clear picture of your child's developmental milestones or needs and highlight any concerns that can be addressed at an early age.